Everyone should click on the picture and donate if they can because Tesla!

Everyone should do this! For every reason! Also, I should totally work there. {Fun fact: I actually contacted that organization a few years ago when I heard they were trying to build a Tesla Museum.}

And as my friend Mike just reminded me: For so many reasons, that Oatmeal guy is awesome.

Bruise-scrape(scruise?) on my ankle. (Taken with Instagram)


Severe ocular surface disease

Haven’t seen any good eye Gore in a long time, wtg tumblah.

I’ve spent hours sanding this shell to see what it looks like in cross-section. I’m realizing it doesn’t look as cool as I had hoped. (Taken with Instagram)

Did somebody punch me in the face last night? My nose is all red, swollen and painful. (Taken with Instagram)

Are you trying to make me diabetic? (Taken with Instagram)

Ever use ajax and it’s green or blue? It starts out white! Changes color with moisture. Also its hydroscopic(sp?) so when not in use, try to keep the air out. #fuckOffStains (Taken with Instagram)

Someone restocked the cleaning supply shelf at work. They got me soft scrub with bleach! #fuckOffStains I’m on a boat and it’s fucking clean. (Taken with Instagram)

Cant wait! (Taken with Instagram)